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Woodworking: Face Frame Cabinetry (Dec)

  • Woodworking: Face Frame Cabinetry (Dec)
  • Woodworking: Face Frame Cabinetry (Dec)
  • Woodworking: Face Frame Cabinetry (Dec)

December 3 & 10
(Sundays 10a-3p)

Design & build a small cabinet, with traditional joinery used to secure a solid face frame to plywood carcass.

Over two sessions in this weekend intensive-style class, you'll learn to safely operate some of the most commonly-touched machines in the wood shop, and walk away with a small, two-shelf open cabinet.

On day one, we will begin with a quick material & joinery discussion to foreground our cabinet-making, covering uses for hardwood vs plywood, and tongue / groove / rabbet 101s. We will then move into machine safety & set up for dimensioning & grooving our face frame parts. With our groove made, we will set up for putting a tongue on our plywood parts, testing for accuracy with both feel and measurements. We will have all cabinet parts cut & joinery completed, and will have covered the jointer, planer, router table & table saw with dado stack on day one.

At the beginning of day two, we will begin by combining cabinet parts, learning about best glue up practices along the way, and then begin hand-sketching our cabinets to build, with dropped-down dimensions. Participants are encouraged to consider a space in their homes or offices for this small cabinet to live, and design accordingly. When ready, we'll begin cutting down our cabinet parts to final dimension, marking for through and pilot holes, and finish by screwing them together. By then end of our second day, we will have covered proper form with clamps, gluing & drills (screwguns), as well as further table saw practice.

This is a great class for those new to woodworking, or those interested in brushing up on their essentials skills in a safe, supportive environment. While geared towards those who have used some (though perhaps not all) of these machines or processes before, beginners eager to dive right in are absolutely welcome. We will be moving at a quick pace, and any and all questions are greatly encouraged, especially the ones we’ve been taught to think we should already know the answer to.

This class is welcoming to all, especially those traditionally underrepresented in the field of woodworking- in particular those who identify as female, trans*, non-binary & gender non-conforming, BIPOC, queer, disabled. Please reach out to the instructor in advance of class to discuss accommodations. Class limited to six participants, ages 18+

$430 member / $510 non-member
$45 materials fee
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a eve samuels (she / they) began teaching with MakerSpace NYC in 2017, and is thrilled to be back with class offerings this year! eve is a queer white woodworker & designer, who grew up in the Hudson Valley, and has called Brooklyn home since 2014.

Both their small business Two Tree Studios (founded 2017), and education initiative The Level Up Project (founded 2020), are operated out of their East Williamsburg studio. Through these entities, samuels pursues slow & responsive design, translating the concept of 'sustainability' beyond material sourcing & waste management, into a larger working ethos.

samuels' eye for minimalism, strong craftsmanship and appreciation for the natural world is felt throughout their wooden furniture, vessels & sculpture. From their production practices, to centering knowledge-sharing & redistribution, samuels strives to keep their footprint light, while contributing to a more equitable future within their industry.

If we cancel, we will refund you in full and notify you. You may cancel and get a full refund up to four days before the class. After that, refunds are contingent on us being able to fill your seat. Under no circumstances do we offer refunds to individuals who cancel on the same day. This ruins the party for everyone.


Futureworks Makerspace
Brooklyn Army Terminal
140 58th St Building B, Unit 1C
Located on the first floor next to Pete's Restaurant

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